Ibrahim G. Ogunsanya


Ibrahim G. Ogunsanya

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering

Email: ibrahim.ogunsanya@utoronto.ca
Office: SF3001D
Tel: 416-978-2867


Areas of Specialization: 

Concrete Structures



Ibrahim G. Ogunsanya is a professor in the department of Civil and Mineral Engineering, a professional engineer in Ontario, and a member of professional society such as American Concrete Institute (US), NACE International (US), Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (US).

His research focuses on the durability and sustainability of materials and structures across several engineering sectors. He studies the processing-structure-property-degradation relationship to develop new (durable and sustainable) materials, but also improve existing materials, from ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, nickel, copper, etc.) alloys and superalloys to cement and concrete.

Over the years, majority of his study has been on durability and sustainability of reinforced structures because we continue to expose our infrastructures to harsher environmental conditions but asks more of their service life. His role has, therefore, been to select “appropriate” construction material (reinforcing bars, cement and concrete) combinations that solves our immediate and future needs of economy, safety, durability and sustainability.

He is known for his research work on electrochemistry and corrosion.

Research Interests


Selected/Recent Journal Publications

  1. I. G. Ogunsanya, M. Zakeri, R. Newman. “Effect of Ti and Al impurities in the internal oxidation of alloy 690 and Ni-based model alloys” in preparation.
  2. I. G. Ogunsanya. “Corrosion properties of retrogression-formed and warm-formed precipitation hardened AA7075 alloy: Part 2: influence of forming temperature, strain rate, and heating rate during forming” Materialia, submitted December 2021.
  3. I. G. Ogunsanya. “Corrosion properties of retrogression-formed and warm-formed high strength precipitation hardened AA7075 alloy: Part 1 – influence of retrogression and pre-aging temperature and time” Materialia, submitted December 2021.
  4. I. G. Ogunsanya, L. Kristufek, P. Le Meur, C. M. Hansson. “Influence of cations on pore solution chloride and critical chloride threshold of carbon steel rebar”. Journal of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, https://doi.org/10.1080/23789689.2021.1931755.
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