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Students celebrate the completion of their Capstone presentation with fist bumps. (Photo by Phill Snel)

In-person Capstone presentations for LME students


How re-thinking traditional building materials can lead to new strategies for carbon capture and utilization

A family home in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. A new partnership between the Prince Albert Grand Council, several First Nations and researchers from U of T and Toronto Metropolitan University will develop new pathways toward housing self-sufficiency. (Photo courtesy Natalie Clyke)

Connaught Global Challenge Award to build pathways to housing self-sufficiency in remote First Nations communities

Connaught New Researcher awards support innovation in smart bridge decks

Jay Gordon and Katia

CivMin grad students awarded NSERC scholarships

Untitled design (1)

CivMin has three Arbor Award recipients


CivMin professor and student receive EAN Awards

The Purolator Urban Quick Stop is the home of a new multidisciplinary collaboration between industry, academia and government that aims to explore innovative solutions to the challenges of last-mile delivery. (Photo: Tyler Irving, U of T Engineering)

Urban Quick Stop provides a living laboratory to study the challenges of last-mile delivery


Scholarship winners Othman and Torbatian present at CAA Board Meeting

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CivMin students crack top spots at TimberFever

Emma Blewett

Student researchers break new ground

Lisa Guseva

CivMin student part of second place team at UTTAN student competition

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