Orange Shirt Day – Wednesday, September 30

Sales of passenger electric vehicles are growing fast, but a new analysis from U of T Engineering researchers shows that on its own, electrifying the U.S. fleet will not be enough to meet our climate change mitigation targets. (Photo: microgen, via Envato)

CivMin study: Electric vehicles can fight climate change, but they’re not a silver bullet

Professor Lesley Warren performs environmental sampling at Syncrude Canada’s Base Mine Lake, an important location for mining-impact water research and technology development in Alberta’s Oil Sands. (Photo courtesy Lesley Warren)

Methane-converting viruses could play a role in combating climate change

Matthew Robinson, a Grade 9 student from Brampton, Ont., was one of 54 Blueprint participants this past summer. Each student received a box of supplies to complete a range of science and engineering activities (photos courtesy of Cassandra Abraham)

U of T Engineering outreach program encourages Black students to choose STEM careers


Trio of PhD candidates win international honours in video thesis competition

From advice to students, to tips on practicing wellness at home, nearly 50 U of T Engineering faculty, staff, students and alumni, have so far shared their messages of support.

U of T Engineering community rallies together to record messages of support for Back to Skule™


Back to Skule™: Mental wellness strategies for students

More than 800 F!rosh Kits were mailed to incoming U of T Engineering students around the world for this fall’s virtual orientation week. (Photo courtesy Dana Kokoska and Gabe Sher)

How U of T Engineering students are keeping Skule™ F!rosh traditions alive, virtually

First day of classes

Civ Club Chair Karen Chu (CIV 2T0 + PEY)

INTRODUCING: Civ Club Chair Karen Chu

From top left, clockwise: Professors Chirag Variawa (ISTEP), Marianne Touchie (CivMin), Aimy Bazylak (MIE), Natalie Enright Jerger (ECE) and Elham Marzi (ISTEP). (Photos: Laura Pederson, Kevin Soobrian and Roberta Baker)

Five U of T Engineering professors on how they’re preparing for an unprecedented Back to Skule™

Students and staff from three InVEST projects participating in an intercultural learning session held July 16, 2020. Left to right, top to bottom: Tobi Edun, Professor Elham Marzi, Anuli Ndubuisi, Malama, Laura Williams, Mohamed Mbarouk, Matt Jagdeo, Sampanna Bhattarai, Chao Wang, Maryam Naqi, Rayni Li, Ali Khan, Carlos Qixiao, Jenny Li. (Photo courtesy Elham Marzi)

How to work effectively when your team is both global and virtual