Mechanics & Géotechnique Laboratory – Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunity

Mechanics & Géotechnique Laboratory – Undergraduate Research Assistant Opportunity

Job Type: Part time (minimum 12 hours/week) to Full time

Term: Flexible, starting from August 2020 or later

Wages: Hourly for part time and salary for full-time in accordance with university norms and guidelines – previous experience and skills a consideration

Work Environment: Laboratory, working closely with a PhD student

Training: Safety and technical training will be provided during work hours

We are looking for one or two motivated students to help us with an exciting, and ground-breaking research project in the Mechanics and Géotechnique Laboratory which is located in Galbraith building. The project involves performing larges-scale simulated ground experiments in a CPT calibration chamber. The idea behind the project is creating controlled and known conditions for soil, and then performing real-life field tests, to see how these test results are connected to the engineering properties of the soil. Correlations will then be developed which will be used by industry sponsors in practice. The work will include creating methods and devices for preparing samples, moving large quantities of soil into and out of the chamber, handling equipment using a crane, performing tests using automated control devices, data acquisition and processing, summarizing data and writing reports.

This is a highly practical project which is being performed in close collaboration with industry partners. Previous research assistants have moved on to do their PEY with the partners and have a potential for a career in this highly specialized and exciting field. The position also provides an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and fun research group and get exposure to various research activities. To apply please forward your resume, transcripts, and availability (part time-full time, start and end dates) to

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