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First place poster at water quality symposium

Paragi Neema (CivE MASc candidate) and Livia Li (CivMin PhD candidate), both under the supervision of Prof. Susan Andrews, won first place for their poster “A preliminary investigation on the adsorption of various disinfection byproducts onto […]

Student profile: Hannah Hermanson (CivE Year 3)

Changing lanes in academic pursuits and sports Hannah Hermanson is a third year Civil Engineering student currently employed during her Professional Experience Year (PEY) in Calgary. As a student-athlete she […]

World Water Day 2022

CivMin Researchers on cleaning and protecting our most valuable resource Most Canadians have unlimited access to clean drinking water, but that’s a privileged existence unknown to billions of other people […]

Natural Purification

The aquarium on the fourth floor of the Galbraith Building is a pleasant reminder to Prof. Susan Andrews of her many trips to the Caribbean through the years, but it also makes her lament the […]
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