Meet MEng alum: Troy Kang

CivMin chatted with Troy Kang (CivE 2T0, MEng 2T2) about his continued studies and his journey in the MEng program with a construction management emphasis.

Troy Kang CivE 2T0, MEng 2T2 (Photo courtesy: Troy Kang)


Could you introduce yourself, please?
I am Tongrui Kang, but I go by Troy. I’m a graduate of the University of Toronto, where I completed both my Bachelor of Applied Science [BASc] and Master of Engineering [MEng] in Civil Engineering. I proudly completed my studies in 2022. 

Did you have an emphasis?
I specialized in construction management

Do you recall any projects or assignments completed in your MEng program, which helped you build your portfolio or helped you during the interviewing process?
For my capstone project, I worked on Vision Zero Toronto, an initiative aimed at enhancing road safety. This project was a pivotal experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. It honed my skills in data collection, analysis and the vital ability to present complex information clearly to clients. The challenges and learning opportunities it presented were instrumental in refining my communication skills and understanding client needs.

“Professor Roorda’s continual guidance and support played a crucial role in my academic development, inspiring me to pursue a master’s degree.”

My capstone project choice for my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering was deeply influenced by my experiences and connections, particularly with Professor Matthew Roorda. His mentorship began in my freshman year during CIV331H1: Transport I – Introduction to Urban Transportation Systems course, igniting my interest in transportation. This interest led me to volunteer for the iCity project at UTTRI [University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute, now under Mobility Network], furthering my knowledge and passion in the field. This experience was also a decisive factor in my decision to pursue a Master of Engineering degree at the University of Toronto, to further my educational and professional journey.
Professor Roorda’s continual guidance and support played a crucial role in my academic development, inspiring me to pursue a master’s degree. In his class CIV1506H: Freight Transportation and ITS Applications, I explored the complexities of our pandemic-stricken food supply chain, deepening my understanding. These experiences highlight the importance of building relationships with professors, as their insights can greatly enhance one’s academic and career trajectory.

Troy Kang at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (Photo courtesy: Troy Kang)

What was your favourite study spot on campus?
Fifth floor of Bahen Centre – this is a quiet place where you can get a great view of campus during the sunset. 

How did your practicum go?
I did my practicum in a property management firm, Cushman & Wakefield. My practicum was aligned closely with professional project management roles. I actively engaged in client interactions, project planning, and team coordination. My responsibilities included managing project timelines, overseeing consultants, and ensuring adherence to budgets and policies. This hands-on experience honed my skills in communication, organization, and problem-solving, contributing significantly to my professional growth. 

Are you still working with them?
So far, I’m working at a municipal design consulting firm called Schaeffer & Associates Ltd. Our goal is to help clients with land development. Or, in other words, more engineering design work!

How did the knowledge gained in CivMin’s MEng Program help you in your career?
The skills and knowledge acquired during my MEng program have been fundamental to my professional practice. In my daily routine, which includes road grading, pipe design, tributary area analysis, and water modelling, the hands-on experience and theoretical grounding from the program provided an excellent starting point. The opportunity to apply these concepts in a localized context during my MEng greatly enhanced my proficiency, and this continues to benefit me significantly in my current role.

What are your future plans? 
Moving forward, my primary focus is on advancing my engineering skills to devise innovative solutions for clients and maintain high standards in engineering design roles. Additionally, I am keen on guiding the next generation of civil engineers. Being an alumnus, I am open to sharing my experiences and insights with students who are either considering or are currently pursuing a career in civil engineering, aiming to contribute to their growth and the broader engineering community. 

“Be bold, give different paths a shot.”

Any suggestion for future MEng students, either domestic or international?
For future MEng students, domestic or international, I highly recommend exploring various disciplines. My own journey, from completing a business minor during my bachelor’s degree to engaging in builder development and eventually transitioning to consultancy during my MEng practicum, underscores the value of versatility. Connecting real-world problem-solving with engineering design is crucial. Embrace diverse experiences and remember, no one is defined by a single label. So, be bold, give different paths a shot, and discover where your true potential lies.  

Can we get an inspiring quote from you in closing?
Always think ahead, and once a decision is made, persistently pursue it.


By Galina Nikitina