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Civ Club wins discipline club of the year from EngSoc

Every year the Engineering Society (EngSoc) gives this award to the best Engineering Society Discipline Club. Criteria for evaluation includes the quality and organization of their dinner/dance, level of student involvement in the club, quality and organization of the Iron Ring Party, contributions to the Engineering Society at large, and the quantity and quality of any other events undertaken by the club itself. 

Civ Club Chair Karen Chu sends this note of appreciation. 

"Thank you to the Awards Committee and EngSoc for recognizing our achievements. I want to give a huge shoutout to all the discipline clubs for all their hard work this year to improve the student experience with everything online.

This year has been different, to say the least, and everything Civ Club has done was a team effort. From our first mentorship event back in May to our final dinner dance event, everyone has put in countless hours for not only our social events but also for our student resources such as our academic calendars, PEY blog, and health and wellness. Civ Club wouldn't have been able to accomplish all that we did without a dedicated group of leaders who wanted to provide memorable events despite the pandemic and its limitations. I am really proud of the Civ Club team for all their efforts and motivation, so thank you to Kent, Awale, Emanuele, Nina, Polina, Fahd, Christian P, Bo, Tanin, Naveen, Thomas, Michael, Mahzabin, Christian C, and Mahia because, without you guys, there would be no Civ Club.

I also want to say thank you to the Civ/Min department for their continued support and to both Skule and the civil engineering community for allowing us to serve as the 2020-2021 Civ Club, and for allowing me to serve as your Civ Club Chair. It has been an absolute honour and pleasure, thank you!"

Karen Chu, Civ Club Chair 2T0-2T1 (Year 4, CivE)

Civ Club secures Silver Tier Sponsor

Student clubs are a vital part of campus life at U of T, providing students with a social outlet, networking skills and professional development. Sponsorships are the lifeblood in keeping clubs active, and in providing resources towards programming and outreach.

David Schaeffer Engineering Ltd (DSEL), an engineering consulting firm, recently became a silver tier sponsor of the Civil Engineering Club (Civ Club). The company was founded by U of T Civil Engineering alumnus, David Schaeffer (CivE 8T1) in 1994. Schaeffer describes DSEL as, “Using the power of AI technology to redefine industry expectations in subdivision design.”

“With DSEL's sponsorship, Civ Club and its members will benefit from their contributions. We will be able to offer discounted prices on merchandise and increase the level of resources used towards our events,” says Karen Chu, Chair of the Civ Club.

Civ Club Sweater Design

Civ Club will also be allocating funds toward upgrading its student common room to better suit the needs of students. In addition, the sponsorship has allowed the club to offer official Civil Engineering hoodies to the Civ community.

Throughout the year, Civ Club organizes various social, academic, professional and wellness events to strengthen the Department’s tight-knit community. Its upcoming annual Coffeehouse event, on Friday, February 26, will showcase the Civ community’s many talents via Zoom (signup HERE).

The club also hosts multiple mentorships events to connect first year students with upper year students, as well as game nights and other social events.

“School can be challenging and stressful at times, so we organize events that will hopefully relieve some stress through our game nights and prize giveaways,” says Chu.

As Civ Club has found, sponsorships are critical to student-run clubs, as funding makes it possible for clubs to offer greater services to its members and community.

Civ Club Members


About: DSEL is an industry leading consulting engineering firm that harnesses the power of AI technology to solve complex subdivision design challenges with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Canada's largest and most reputable builders and developers rely on DSEL to guide them through the complex development process. DSEL has positioned itself as an industry disruptor and is constantly seeking young engineers who do not accept the current industry status quo. DSEL will continue to leverage technology to push the limits of the possible and redefine industry expectations for subdivision design speed, precision and cost effectiveness.

INTRODUCING: Civ Club Chair Karen Chu

Civ Club Chair Karen Chu (CIV 2T0 + PEY)

Introducing Karen Chu (CIV 2T0 + PEY) going into fourth year this September. is your Civ Club Chair for 2020-2021.

Here are some fun facts about Karen!

Hobbies: working out/volleyball, window shopping, and bartending. I also enjoy listening to country music.

Goal: My goal for the year is to enhance the student experience by highlighting our community’s talents and ensuring that we provide support to ALL students during this uncertain time.



What is Civ Club?
The Civil Engineering Club, aka Civ Club, is your student body representation between the students, department, and faculty. Throughout the year, Civ Club organizes various events from social to academic to strengthen our tight-knit community. Our goal is to promote student interaction and participation to provide you with the best student experience possible.
What does Civ Club do?
We host events like annual semi-formals (Dinner Dance), holiday themed activities, exam de-stressors, course review sessions, and much, much, more. Civ Club also sells civ-related merchandise as well as lockers located in the civil engineering building.
How did you get involved?
This will be my third year on Civ Club! I was interested in Civ Club since the start of my undergraduate career and joined to take on a leadership role while giving back to the community. I met most of my friends due to Civ Club and I wanted to return the same hospitality. Being a part of Civ Club has allowed me to develop my soft skills and help strengthen our civil community.
Right now, everything is online/virtual. What is Civ Club doing differently to engage students?
Civ Club is working hard to ensure your undergraduate experience is equal if not better than it ever was before. We have tons of virtual events lined up to keep students engaged and connected during these times. Our first event is on Wednesday, September 9 and it will be a great chance to meet fellow classmates. We are also working on in-person events with safety measures in place. Civ Club has also improved our mental health and wellness resources and website/social media presence to help create the feeling of community and sense of belonging.
Once we’re all able to get back to campus, do you have any must-see or must-do suggestions? What about any helpful hints for new students? Or hidden gems near to campus?
U of T St. George campus is right in the heart of the city and there’s plenty to do! There’s a great outdoor area to sit on the grass and hang out with friends by King’s College Circle. Another great space is GB123 (Galbraith Building), our Civil common room. This is where most civil students lounge in between classes or to study. It’s also where we host all our events! We also have the Galbraith Quad where you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. [ED NOTE: Civ Club Common Room is currently closed. as is the Galbraith Building.]
For food, College St has a great variety (sushi, pubs, shawarma) and it’s less than 5 mins from engineering buildings. Einstein (229 College St) is a common place for engineering students to go to on Tuesdays for their $2 appetizers menu. Campus is also close to Spadina St where there are plenty of restaurants from bubble tea to dumplings. Kensington Market and Baldwin are also two neighbourhoods close by that bring plenty of food options for whatever you’re craving!
A great hidden gem is “The Village by the Grange”. The food court in the mall across from OCAD University has the greatest meals for the best deals. Find full meals for all under $10 and even some for under $5! Only a short 10 mins walk from campus.
If you feel like visiting a museum, the ROM (Royal Ontario Musuem) is FREE for students on Wednesdays! Eaton Centre, one of the largest malls, is only 15 mins away and filled with countless stores and offerings!
How can students get involved?
Simply coming out to our events can make a real difference in your university experience! You’ll get a chance to meet other exec members as well as students from all years. If you’re interested in becoming an exec on Civ Club and taking on a leadership role, then the First Year Civil Rep position is just for you! Stay tuned in September for more updates on how you can apply!
Finally, where can students find out more about Civ Club and upcoming events? (website, social media profiles, etc):
Check us out on our website and social media pages to stay up to date on all our events and announcements.
Follow us on
Instagram: @civclub
Twitter: @civclub

MEET: Simonne Varela

Civ Club Chair 2019-2020

CIV CLUB CHAIR — Simonne Varela (CivE fourth year, 1T9 + PEY), the Civ Club Chair, in the Civ Club on Friday, October 4, 2019. The Civ Club is for Civil Engineering students in CivMin.
PHOTO: Phill Snel, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering/ U of T

Simonne Varela (CivE fourth year 1T9 + PEY),  Chair of Civ Club, is a natural for the demanding role of coordinating student interests and exercising her social skills – her exuberance is infectious and can make an ordinary greeting seem like a special occasion.

Freshly back to school from a PEY (Professional Experience Year), Varela is accustomed to juggling many responsibilities simultaneously, and has added another extracurricular activity to her mix – intramurals soccer. “I’m doing intramural soccer this year, as I thought it would be a fun break from my other commitments.”

Varela encourages her student colleagues, no matter their year, to get involved in other pursuits while at U of T. “I think one of the biggest struggles in first year is you’re coming out of high school where you were expected to do all your homework and do all the practice problems. But it’s sort of important to understand that sometimes practice problems are just there for practice. Remember to study smart, rather than just studying all of it, because it can get really overwhelming with this course load.”

“Remember what actually matters to you. Also, just get involved and take a break from studying sometimes – that’s how you make friends with similar interests and remember it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.”

Philosopher’s Walk, known for its meandering path amongst greenery, is one of her favourite parts of campus – truly a hidden gem.

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