Michael McCulloch (Year 4 MinE) receives SAG Conference Award

Michael McCulloch

Michael McCulloch, a fourth-year Lassonde Mineral Engineering student, has been announced as a SAG Conference Award winner. McCulloch was nominated by Professor Kamran Esmaeili for this award and was also the recipient of a CMIEF scholarship.

McCulloch’s commitment to the field of  mineral engineering and in the technology of comminution was cited. Comminution is the crushing or grinding of materials to reduce them in size. The specialization of semi-autogenous grinding (SAG), and other related technologies, is the focus of the conference.

SAG conferences began in Vancouver in 1989; this year’s event will be September 24-28, 2023.

The award announcement reads:

The SAG Conference Award Foundation is a non-profit society, which provides financial awards to assist persons to study, research, or train in the field of comminution technology. On an annual basis, the Foundation solicits applications from Canadian educational institutions for consideration by our Society Board of Directors.

The SAG Conference Award Foundation is pleased to present you with an Undergraduate Degree Program Student Award for the 2022/2023 academic year. This award reflects your efforts, as well as the input by Dr. Esmaeili. The Board was impressed with your history of participation in university life, leadership, and volunteering. It is a privilege for us to be able to support Canadian students and we hope that you utilize your academic option in Mineral Processing in the future.