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Bridging data science with traditional engineering

University of Toronto Engineering graduate Ivan Damnjanovic (CivE 1T4+PEY) has developed software that harnesses the power of data science and traditional engineering to make sustainable building management less expensive and […]

Doug Hooton wins C01 Bryant Mather Award

Another great honour this week for Prof. Emeritus Doug Hooton as the ASTM International Committee C01 on Cement presented the CivMin professor with the C01 Bryant Mather Award in Seattle, […]

Intermittent Water Supply

In a city like Toronto, the water never stops running. There’s always pressure conveniently pushing clean water into our homes for on-demand consumption.  But that’s not how the whole world […]

Natural Purification

The aquarium on the fourth floor of the Galbraith Building is a pleasant reminder to Prof. Susan Andrews of her many trips to the Caribbean through the years, but it also makes her lament the […]
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